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Ball Pein Hardwood Handle 800g,40400/032

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Quick Overview

Description -

  • Suitable for riveting,

  • forming, and straightening metal in addition to striking chisels,

  • center punches,

  • pin punches, and so on,

  • The Tramontina PRO ball pein hammer has a wood handle fixed with a steel wedge at the head which ensures safety during use.

  • All the quality and safety that you need when hammering.

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  • Details

    Main Functions and Benefits

    • Forged special steel head.
    • Hardening on the striking face and ball.
    • Polished and varnished base and ball.
    • Fixed with steel wedge.
    • Varnished hardwood handle.
    • ASME B107.53.
    • The hammers are assembled in hydraulic press and the head is attached to the handle using a metal wedge. The strenght of this assembly is tested using a pull apart test.
    • The hammers are subjected to a specific hardening process to give a suitable hardness at the striking faces and peins to ensure a long life. Hardness tests are frequently carried out to guarantee the quality of the product.
    • In order to verify the material durability after the heat treatment, the hammers are also subjected to an impact test and analysed magnetically to detect any microscopic cracks, impact tests are also made so that magnetic particles can be analysed.
    • To strike chisels, wood chisels, and to rivet, form or straighten non-hardened steel. 
    • Tools are produced and tested according to specific standards.

    Recommendations for Use

    • Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job. 
    • Never use a hammer with excessive wear, loose or damaged handle, burr or cracks on the head. Hammers with these problems must be replaced. 
    • Never make any changes to the product like welding on the head or changing its handle. 
    • Never strike two hammers, one against the other. 
    • Always use the impact face for hit. Never strike anything with the sides of the hammer, as the hardening is just located on the impact faces. 
    • Always observe the recommended use for each kind of hammer before use. 
    • Always strike the hammer perpendicularly to the surface or work tool. It avoids the premature distortion of the impact face, as well as chipping.
    • Select the hammer that will hit the chisel or pin as follows: The impact face shall have a diameter 10 mm bigger than the face to hit. 
    • Store in clean and dry place.

    Technical Data - 

    Weight 1,14 kg
    Length 388 mm
    Width 40 mm
    Height 124 mm
    • A: 124.0 mm
    • B: 388.0 mm
    • C: 33.5 mm
    • D: 39.5 mm

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Tramontina
    Condition New
    Warranty 1 year
    Tax Class VAT 7.5%
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