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  1. Multifunction Router GMF1400 CE

    • Multifunction router: combination of plunge-cutting and copy router for perfect completion of all kinds of routing work
    • SDS quick-change system: tight fitting of the separate motor block either in the plunge-cut or copy unit
    • Compact and robust design thanks to sturdy and durable aluminium housing
    • Extremely high precision thanks to fast fine adjustment of the routing depth to an accuracy of within 1/10 mm
    • Optimum guidance and control of the copy router due to round wooden handles that are positioned very near to the workpiece
    • Powerful 1400-watt motor with Constant-Electronic for constant cutting speed under load
    • Smooth start and speed preselection for working to suit the material
    • Safe bit changing without obstruction from the plunge-cut or copy unit
    • Exact centring of the template guide to router bit for precise working with templates
    • Template guide bayonet lock for tool-free changes
    • Extremely easy bench-mounted use of the copy router in conjunction with a router table
    • Extensive set of accessories in carrying case
  2. Router GOF 2000 CE Professional

    • Robust 2000 watt motor, which has sufficient power reserves for large routing diameters (up to shank thickness of 12 mm) with its Constant Electronic
    • Lockable setting wheels and clamp levers guarantee repeatable precision up to 1/10 mm accuracy, even during bench-mounted use
    • The suspension of the plunge function can be switched off for more convenient working at large routing depths and in bench-mounted use
    • SDS system for tool-free fitting of template guides
    • Exact centring of the base plate for working with template guides
    • Suitable for bench-mounted use
  3. Palm Router GKF 600 Professional

    The handy specialist for edges
    • Very compact design and ergonomic grip area allow for one-handed guidance, especially for working on edges
    • Continuously variable routing depth adjustment using the setting wheel and tight fitting of the motor enable exact setting and repeatable precision
    • Comprehensive range of accessories in a sturdy carrying case for the many requirements of working on edges