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Used Prexiso P20

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Quick Overview

The PREXISO P20 laser measure is the simplest way of measuring. Thanks to its laser precision technology and continuous measurement mode, it takes instant and reliable measurements up to 20M/65 Ft. The laser measure is simple to operate, so users need only press one button to get accurate measurements to within 3mm/1/8 In., and press again to hold the measurement.

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  • Details

    Measure with laser precision:

    • The Prexiso P20 laser distance meter measures distances of up to 20 meters quickly and accurately. Laser technology allows instant and dependable measuring of distances and heights at a press of a button. The easy-to-use Prexiso P20 provides great support for those working on interior finishing and DIY projects. The Prexiso P20 comes in handy when traditional measuring methods fail to deliver quick and dependable results. Accurate and fast laser technology, one-man operation and the ability to measure even in cluttered spaces are only some of the advantages of the Prexiso P20 over a meter stick, measuring tape and ultrasonic device. Additionally, the Prexiso P20 offers an adding and subtracting function which speeds up the measuring process, and a tracking function, which allows continuous measuring until the desired value is found. All these features are highly valuable for those who need to measure quickly, easily and accurately.
    • The Prexiso P20 makes quick distance measurements up to 20 meters and allows simple adding and subtracting of measured values. It is easy to use due to its simple functionality and self-explanatory buttons.
    • A laser distance measuring instrument uses laser light – with pin-point accuracy. So you know exactly where you are measuring to. You can rely on the information displayed. On the other hand, ultrasound instruments measure using sound waves, which propagate from the unit in the shape of a cone and therefore the resulting measurements are inaccurate. Sound waves are deflected by objects or partial obstructions, which leads to measurement errors.
    • A meter stick or a retractable tape measure works well – although only over short distances. Measuring distances longer than 1 meter becomes more awkward: sometimes two people have to be involved and therefore the result is less accurate. From now on – take all your measurements quickly and easily with the PREXISO P20.


    Technical Specification


    Brand Prexiso
    Range 20 Mtr
    Measuring Range 0.1m - 20m
    Model No P20



    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Used Surveying Equipment
    Condition Used - Inspected Certified Guaranteed (6 months warranty)
    Warranty 6 months
    Tax Class None
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