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The innovative and groundbreaking company STIHL is not only in Europe present, but has also a great global presence. 

Search and make reservation for all STIHL products and get an authorised closet to you to deliver anywhere in Nigeria. 


Some STIHL products cannot be bought online without training on how to use, only reservation is allowed on our website. When you reserve, we will match you with an authorised dealer closet to your shipping address or asked that you come to our location for pick up!!!

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  1. Brush Knife 250-3 /FS87, 250

    • New Stihl blade fitting kit brush cutter, splined washer locking nut rider plate
    • Genuine Stihl FS86 Metal Brushknife Brushcutter Blade 
  2. Round Nylon Line 3.0mmx280m

    • STIHL YELLOW SQUARE STRIMMER LINE Made of high quality polyamide plastic.
    • Abrasion resistant, durable, elastic, melt proof.
    • Suitable for use with the following cutting heads 3.0mm X 280 m
  3. Nylon Line 2.4mm x 261m

    • Suitable for Stihl heads AutoCut 25-2, C25-2, 40-4 Trimcut 31-2
    • 2.4mm Square line spool with 261 metres (855ft approximate) 1.36kg roll
  4. Nylon Line 2.4mm x 83m

    • Genuine Stihl Strimmer Line
    • 2.4mm Dia. 86m/285ft
    • Fits all makes of strimmers, and works well with FS 38 Brushcutter 
  5. AutoCut Head 25-2 / FS 250

    • Maximum reliability, even in extreme conditions, is a hall mark of Stihl power tools.
    • If anything should ever go wrong with your Stihl machine, it is important to use genuine Stihl parts which guarantee the performance, safety and longevity of your Stihl power tool.
    • Ideally suited for strimming around obstacles such as trees and posts, and for light vegetation, the AutoCut 25-2 mowing head comes with a double line which is automatically readjusted when the cutting head is tapped against the ground.
  6. Wood Boring Drill BT 45

    • This wood boring drill is great for repairing structures where electricity is not available.
    • The STIHL BT 45 wood boring drill's lightweight, gasoline-powered engine is portable and goes just about anywhere outside.
    • Accepting a wide range of bit sizes, it is ideal for use in building or repairing wooden docks, bulkheads, fences, retaining walls and other structures in locations that lack electricity access.
    • This well-balanced drill features a primer bulb and throttle lock for easier starting, as well as a compact, ergonomic design for easy operation.
    • Its two-speed gearbox includes a neutral position as well as a reverse gear.
    • It’s also great for pest control service and tree service professionals, and with an optional kit, the BT 45 can be used as a core drill for concrete work.
    • For drilling performance, choose STIHL.
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  7. Sickle for Stihl Palm Harvester Cutter PC70/75

    Sickle for STIHL Palm Cutter PC70/75 incl. cover 

  8. Chisel for Palm Harvester Cutter Stihl PC 70/75

    Chisel for Stihl Palm cutter PC 70/75

  9. Measuring Cup 100ml for upto 5L

    Stihl Measuring Jug For 5l Mixing 00008810186

    For Preparing Fuel Mixtures For Up To 5l

    1 x Measuring Jug Supplied.

  10. Starter Cover With Rewind Starter for TS800

    Featutres - 

    • Starter cover with rewind starter
    • Genuine Stihl Part with part number 4224 190 0305
    • Suitable for the following Stihl Machines:TS 800
    • Part No - 4224 084 7400
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Items 41 to 50 of 107 total

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