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Knives, Ratchet & Rivet Tools

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  1. Ratchet Cable Cutters BETA011340045

    BETA 1134A ratchet cable cutters burnished finish, plastic handles BETA011340045. 
    • Dimensional Attributes: L=240mm, Cutter=45mm, Cutter=400mm²
    • Country of origin: Italy
  2. Straight Knife 170mm,1000v, 73035

    Product Description

    It is designed for cutting and stripping wires with maximum safety in electrical work.

  3. Plastic Cutter, 69502

    Product Description

    Blades are made of special steel with a hardness of 58-62 HRc with automatic load of 10 blades.

  4. Joint Scraper with Ergonomic handle, Rubi 65907

    • Ergonomic handle with two electrodeposited tungsten carbide inserts of high abrasion resistance.
    • Can be used with 1, 2 or 3 plates depending on the joint width.
    • Each electrodeposited tungsten carbide insert is 2mm thick. Minimum joint to work with this scraper is 2mm, up to 6mm wide.
  5. Insulated Cable Stripping Knife, 1000V, 190mm, 1777MQ/U

    Cable stripping knife, insulated

  6. Foldaway knife, Stainless Steel Blade and Handle, in Case

    Product Specification

    Brand - Beta 

    Part Number - 017780060

    Blade material - Stainles steel 

    Number of Blades - 1

  7. Utility knife, 25 mm, slip-proof bi-material handle, 1773A

    Utility knife, 25 mm, slip-proof bi-material handle
  8. Assortment of 106 tools for agricultural, building and earth-moving machinery, 5902MT

    Assortment of 106 tools for agricultural, building and earth-moving machinery
  9. Heavy Duty Riveter, 2730


    • Supplied with 3 interchangeable noses
    • The market leading professional heavy duty riveter,
    • best suited to engineering and maintenance projects.
  10. Lazy Tong Riveter

    • This powerful and versatile tool has the advantage of being operated with one hand, providing no loss in efficiency.
    • Useful on vehicle maintenance, agricultural projects and construction