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  1. Random Orbit Sander, 125mm, M9204

    User Benefit:

    • Double Insulation
    • Rocker on/off switch.
    • High dust extraction rate.
    • Built-in dust collection system
    • Connectable to dust extractor
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Sanding pad brake for operator protection
    • Hook and loop type abrasive paper can be used.
    • Ergonomically designed handle with rubberised soft grip fits your hand perfectly to provide maximum control and comfort.
  2. Leica Automatic Dumpy Level, NA730 Plus + Tripod + rod

    Leica optical construction level with 30x telescopic magnification.

    Advantages of the Leica NA730 plus construction optical level: 

    • Robust
    • Specific
    • High quality Leica optics
    • The best of its range

  3. Leica Laser Level Rugby 640 with RE140 Cartridge

    Rugby 640 - A multipurpose laser with Following Features

    • Carrying case
    • Rod Eye 120
    • Basic Receiver w/Bracket.
    • RC400 remote control,
    • Smart Adapter
    • Ceiling targets,
    • Alkaline
    • Battery and user manual.
    • Rugby 640 - A multipurpose laser with
    • carrying case and user manual.
    • Rod Eye 120 - Basic Receiver w/Bracket.
    • A150 - Alkaline Battery Holder, Rugby
    • Alkaline Battery LR20, 1.5V(2x).
    • RC400 - Remote Control, Multipurpose
    • Remote, Rugby 640/640G/840.
    • A210 - Ceiling Grid Target, Magnetic.
    • CA Rugby Smart Adapter&90° RE clamp
  4. Leica Laser Level Rugby 610 with RE120 Cartridge

    Leica Rugby 610 Rotating Laser - Simplicity, just one touch away

    • Simple and reliable with its one touch, this laser makes mistakes impossible
    • Exceptional performance thanks to all Leica Rod Eye receiver cells:
    • Expand your working environment with Rod Eye 140 Classic and Rod Eye 160 Digital
  5. Leica Optical level NA720 Pack + Tripod + 5m staff

    Product Description

    This shock resistant optical level is of high quality thanks to its compensator with magnetic damping.It is robust, efficient and possible to read the horizontal circle in degrees.

  6. Leica Basics Circular Prism with Holder and Target Plate GPR111

    Product Description

    . The Leica GPR111 Basic Circular Tilt Prism with Stand and Target Plate is made of durable red polymer.

    . The large integrated target plate provides good visibility.

    . The GPR111 has a maximum range with infrared total stations of 2500m.

    . The absolute prism constant is -34.4 mm and the Leica Prism offset is 0.0 mm.

    . The snap-on system accepts the Leica post holder.

  7. Leica Hand Laser Measure Distance Meter Disto S910

    Top-of-the-range Leica distortion for indoor and outdoor measurements. Ideal for your complex measurements thanks to P2P technology.


    • Horizontal angle measurement by encoder and vertical angle by inclinometer. 
    • Saves measurements in AutoCAD (DXF) format. 
    • Transfer of point coordinates in real time via wifi. 
    • Long range up to 300 meters, Integrated mini tripod, Hotline included in the price.
    • Calculation of inaccessible measurements with P2P technology - Measures all distances between 2 points (horizontal, vertical, incline, slope calculation ...)
    • Calculation of complex areas: Even the most complex area calculations are simplified. 
    • Frame the perimeter by recording the points and the area will be automatically calculated from a single position: walls, ceilings, inclined planes ...
    • Calculating angles: measure all angles, even on sloping surfaces. 
    • Reading with Dxf file All your measurements are recorded in 2D or 3D Dxf format that you can then retrieve and process on your software. 
    • Real-time point transfer via WiFi Send measurements or coordinates of the point directly via WiFi to CA software 


  8. Leica Medium Aluminum Tripod CTP104 for Leica NA720,Na730,NA2

    Products Description

    CTP104 Medium Aluminium Tripod is a high-quality, medium-weight aluminum tripod is equipped with a screw clamp and a flat triangular head . It is also telescopic up to 1.68 m. It is ideal for levels, lasers and theodolites.


  9. Leica Laser Distance Measure for Outdoors Disto D510, 200m


    • Distance measurement: Continuous slope measurement
    • Min / max measurement: Area / Volume
    • Smart Horizontal Mode: Addition / Subtraction
    • Indirect height: Pythagoras
    • Height profile: Layout
    • Vertical inclined: Trapezoid
    • Long range mode: Calculator

  10. Leica Aluminum Staff 5m CLR102

    Products Description

    A level staff, also called levelling rod, is a graduated wooden or aluminium rod, used with a levelling instrument to determine the difference in height between points or heights of points above a vertical datum. It cannot be used without a leveling instrument.

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