In a fast-moving world like ours, agriculture has over the years moved from the analogue method of farming to a modernised method. Thanks to science and technology.
In today's farming, sophisticated farm tools and machines are being used to save time and energy and also increase productivity.

Today, we bring to you our Stihl mighty powerful petrol power tiller MH 710 one out of the wide range of tillers produced by Stihl which consist of MH 445, MH 445 R, MH 560, MH 585, MH 610, MH 685, MH 710. The MH 710 has the highest performance specifications.
The machine does the toughest job and guarantees an outstanding performance even on the most challenging terrain.


Technical specifications(MH 710) Values

Uncertainty factor K 3,2 m/s²
Vibration value (AHW) 8 m/s²
Guaranteed sound power level 100 dB(A)
Uncertainty factor 2 dB(A)
Working width 97 cm
Hoe set diameter 36 cm
tank capacity 3,6 l
engine type EHC 700,0
Drive 2V + 1R
Displacement 252 cm³
Working speed 5,2 kW / 7,1 PS rpm

The Stihl MH 710 is a powerful tiller machine, It does the job effectively and effortlessly. Do more and achieve more with this mighty MH 710. Call/WhatsApp 08168528651 for any enquiry. You can also email us at Feel free to visit our show located at no 89 Palm Avenue Mushin Lagos.