Our 50L and 65L brand-new wheelbarrows are all shades of ruggedity. The 50L and 65L wheelbarrows are metallic flat buckets, metallic arms, and solid tires, you will be able to transport land, gravel, rubble, or other types of material in a faster and more practical way. With our shallow grey or blue bucket and metal arms, they are highly resistant and allow you to carry loads of up to 50 and 65 liters. In addition, They have a special finish that protects against oxidation. With these, you make your work easier and much faster to run. You may have been disappointed in the past by a non-genuine wheelbarrow, well, worry no more. Mamtus Niger got you covered with our Tranmontina barrows. You are just a phone call away from getting any of our barrows. Kindly call/Whatsapp 08168528651 OR email us at Mamtus@mamtus.ng.