Angle grinders are tools often found on construction sites, used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. Angle grinder safety is important. Using the wrong wheel for the task or not using the tool correctly can cause serious accidents.

Angle grinder safety isn't just about changing wheels but also selecting the right attachments, correctly using the tool, and putting the necessary controls in place. Angle grinders are a type of abrasive wheel. They are powerful, sharp, and can cut through

Wrong use of these tools can harm you in a variety of ways including, amputation of fingers, eye injuries, cuts to the skin, and other impact injuries.


1)Wheel breaks
The risk of breakage is inherent in every abrasive wheel. This risk must be kept low by checking discs, correctly mounting, and safely using angle grinders.

You can stop or reduce the risk of a burst disc by knowing the limitations of the disc you are using. Only use a disc that's in good condition, within its expiry date, and within its speed limitations. The maximum speed and expiry date get marked on each wheel, never exceed these values.

Many accidents happen because wheels are mounted in unsuitable or improvised ways or on tools not designed for that type of disc. Only mount abrasive wheels on a compatible angle grinder for the wheel, and only if you have the training and capabilities to do so.

2) Electric shock: Many angle grinders are electric, so you should consider accidents caused by portable electrical equipment too. Visually check the tool before use, have periodic portable appliance testing, and route cables away from the wheel to avoid contact.

3) Fire: When using an angle grinder, you are likely to produce a large number of sparks. You might not be able to stop this, so you should make sure you are in a safe environment to use an angle grinder.


For example, if you use an angle grinder near a refueling station or close to the storage or use of flammable or explosive substances, you are creating a risk of fire and explosion. If there are flammable materials in the work area, they may catch fire from the flying sparks.

Always check the work area before using an angle grinder, and remove or protect any combustible or flammable materials.

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