Wondering what non-sparking tools are, or if you need them??

Non-sparking tools are tools made of alloys whose sparks never have enough energy to generate the flaring up of an explosive atmosphere. These tools generate low energy sparks, always below the ignition of the hazardous substance present in the environment, this substance could be gas or dust. Such tools are considered safe. It is safe because its use will not generate heat or energy that will reach the ignition point of the gas. EGA Master is regarded as the world best manufacturer of these tools. 

Having explained what these tools are, let us also understand the kind of environment that demands the use of non-sparking tools. An explosive environment is a mixture that flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour, mist, or dust form with air. Within such a mixture, an ignition would lead to a combustion that spreads to the entire unburned mixture. Using non-sparking tools also protects the equipment being inspected or repaired. If the equipment is energised, or near an energised equipment, it could send live voltage through the tool directly to the technician. I’m sure by now you’re wondering how to identify non-sparking tools.

The most common alloys are Copper Beryllium, CuBe and Aluminium Bronze, AlBron. The CuBe is completely non-magnetic and its sparks have less energy compared to AlBron. CuBe tools are harder and more resistant than AlBron, hence it's the best choice in 90% of cases.So if you need to use your tools frequently or demandingly, CuBe is preferable cos it has superior mechanical and safety properties, which generally make it the most profitable decision over a longer period of time. And right, as you might have already thought, CuBe is about 20% overpriced against AlBron. However, it is very challenging to identify the right non-sparking tool to buy.The prevalence of fake non-sparking tools is also troubling to many intending users. Egamaster, a premium brand from Spain offers the widest range of non-sparking tools in both CuBe and AlBr alloys. They have also developed tools made out of ACETILEX alloy, indispensable when there is Acetylene gas in the environment.

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