Dry season farming is the practice of planting and cultivating crops during the dry season in Nigeria. Usually between the month of October and March. Due to the limited or lack of rainfall during this period, farmers depend heavily on irrigation systems to water their farms.

It doesn’t matter what kind of farming you are into, we have different types of irrigation systems that will suit your planting/cultivation. See below the types of irrigation systems; Surface irrigation. Water is distributed over and across the land by gravity, no mechanical pump is involved.

Localized irrigation, Drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation, Center pivot irrigation, Lateral move irrigation, Sub-irrigation, Manual irrigation, Let’s take a look on the two(2) irrigation systems:- Sprinkler irrigation is a system that allows water distribution through a system of pipes with the help of a pumping machine. There are some advantages of this system. This Method of Irrigation is suitable to set up all types of soil, this system also can be used as a cooling mechanism, especially during hot temperatures. This irrigation system is not without its own disadvantages, For spraying water droplets evenly there is a requirement for a constant water supply ETC. The manual Irrigation system as the name implies is the physical way of carrying out irrigation activities. This is the cheapest system and it’s easy to access. The need to know its disadvantages is also imperative. Labor intensive, time-consuming, not suitable for large areas, and Less efficient, are all drawbacks associated with this system, to mention but a few. Let’s know which of the methods listed above suits your kind of farming. Do not worry or trouble your head on how to get it because Mamtus Nigeria got you covered.....We are just a phone call away from you. Hurry now, call/Whatsapp 08168528651 for further inquiries and begin to enjoy the luxury of seamless farming.